Having proper weight can be very beneficial for our health. The link between overweight and many health conditions is well known. From a high risk of developing diabetes to heart disease and even cancer, obesity can have a very negative effect on our lives. It is safe to say that carrying extra weight is usually not good for us.

Losing weight can be life-changing when done in a healthy and sustainable way. We feel better and healthier overall! However, while many people have the weight to lose, some lose it very fast and in an unhealthy manner. As a result, they suffer the consequences.

While most of us are aware of the dangers of overweight and the benefits of shedding those extra pounds, there are also some side effects that must be considered even if the process is too fast and changes are too drastic.

1. Loose Skin
While some of your skin may have enough elasticity to shrink back, when you lose too much weight, excess scorched skin is unavoidable.
In many cases, people are left with extra skin folds. If there is not too much of it, you can always fill your frame with more muscle. But in extreme cases, surgery is the only option.
Loose Skin

2. Depression
You have thought that reaching your desired weight will make you happy, but sometimes, this is not the case.
One study has found that losing weight may increase the risk of depression. This may have something to do with the fact that often, people have unrealistic expectations, and have to deal with frustration and despair to a great extent.
Eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep is essential to keep depression at bay. If you experience any symptoms, you should reach out for help.

3. It can affect your period
Losing weight fast can actually stop your period. Carb restriction affects a protein called lectin. As a result, your body can enter "starvation mode" and stop your menstruation.
This is to prevent you from getting pregnant because in such a state it will not be healthy to do so.
affect your period

4. Gallstones
If you do not consume enough fat, then you are at greater risk of developing gallstones. These can be very painful. To avoid gallstones, make sure you include healthy fats in your diet. In this way, your gall bladder will work properly.

5. Muscle loss
Some people focus on losing weight and do not realize that they are not only losing fat but also affect muscles. Not easy, but it (and) should be minimized. Having more muscle will actually help you burn more calories, and result in more weight loss. The only way to reduce muscle loss is to consume enough protein (aim for 20-30 grams per meal) and do strength training.
Muscle loss

6. Might affect your sleep
This is mostly due to carb restrictions and has an effect on your hormones. Consuming some carbs at night can help you get a better night's sleep.
might affect your sleep

7. Feeling Cold
If you lose weight very quickly, you can start to see that you get cold more often. A slow metabolism signals your body to conserve calories that would otherwise be used to keep you warm.
Less fat means less insulation and protection from cold. Therefore, it is common for people with a low-fat percentage to be more sensitive to temperature than those who have an extra layer of fat.
Feeling cold

8. Hunger
It can be anything from cruel hunger to complete hunger pangs. Excessive weight loss falters with a grain (a hormone that increases appetite) and leptin (a hormone that reduces appetite).

9. Cravings
You may have really strong cravings for certain types of foods and are generally not healthy. This can outweigh you because if you give in to temptation, you may feel guilty and disappointed.
One way to avoid these is to avoid starving and pay attention to foods that make you feel full longer. And if you are eating a sustainable, healthy diet, a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, it will not be as bad as you might think.

10. Your Taste changes
The hormonal effect of excessive weight loss will affect the taste of food. Your taste buds will become more sensitive and the food will taste different as a result.
Your taste changes